Red Tree Studios


Red Tree Studios was started in 1992, to release games and published markets were: Sony Imagesoft, Acclaim Entertainment, Electronic Arts, THQ and Activision.

Red Tree Entertainment


In 1994, the company renamed to Red Tree Entertainment. On October 12, 1995, it was purchased by Acclaim Entertainment.

Iguana Red Tree


In 1997, Red Tree Entertainment renamed to Iguana Red Tree.

Iguana Los Angeles


Iguana Red Tree changed its name to Iguana Los Angeles, and released only one game under the name.

Rockstar Los Angeles


Rockstar LosAngeles

Most of the Acclaim Studios Los Angeles staff left the company to found a subsidiary of Rockstar Games. When the company was closed, the entire staff went on to found Hollow Earth Studios.

Acclaim Studios Los Angeles



In 2002, Acclaim Entertainment drops Killer the Iguana and matching the Studios Los Angeles text underneath the arrow logo.

In 2004, Acclaim Entertainment was closed down and Acclaim Studios Los Angeles was bought by Laserium Holdings and was merged to Laserium Game Studios Los Angeles.

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