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Welcome to Dream Logos Wiki, a collaborative fictional database, where you can upload your imaginary logos. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit. If you're looking for an alternative, please try Dream Fiction Wiki. Enjoy and happy posting!

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Recent Logos

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November 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new home page banner for the Dream Logos Wiki.

Dlw 2019banner winter



October 18: Bulletin Television unveils a new logo for their 5 channels.

BT1 2018

October 16: Hyper Holdings launched a major logo rebrand.

Hyper Holdings 2018

October 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new home page banner for the Dream Logos Wiki.

Dlw 2018banner halloween



September 26: El Kadsreian technology company Kentsei unveiled its new logo, bringing back the "Octagon K" for a second time.




August 1: The Dream Logos Wiki introduces a new home page banner within five years.

Dlw mainpage banner

August 7: The Graphics Design introduced their new logo.

The Graphics Design 2018 logo



July 31: The El Kadsreian music video program Rage introduces its new logo for the first time since its launch in 1984.

Rage logo 2018

July 10: GMC was renamed to Vipa.

PicsArt 07-07-08.33.26



June 26: Viva, Inc revealed a new logo for its 60th anniversary.


June 1: YinYang Incorporated revealed a new logo, along with all other YYInc Channels.

YYInc Logo 2018

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