Game Show ClassicsEdit


Game Show Classics 1996

In 1996, Game Show Network launched its third TV channel, named Game Show Classics, a network showing uncolorized classics, bringing into the company Game Show Network, Inc., a Sony Pictures Entertainment company.


Game Show Classics 1997

In 1997, Game Show Classics refreshed a new look, matching the logo of the Game Show Network's 1997 logo.

Game Show Network ThreeEdit


GSN3 1999

This logo was only used for a short time, brinnging the network into original series Celebrity Mash, The Celebrity Match GameRock & Roll Family Feud and Hollywood Squares Showdown.

Game Show Network 3Edit


GSN3 2000

In 2000, Game Show Network Three renamed to Game Show Network³.




GSN 3 2016

In 2013, GSN2,3,4,5 use a new branding, called "Strips".

2016-present Edit

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