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Brodie GroupEdit

Brodie TV Entertainment, formerly known as Brodie Group was a television production company founded by actor Brysen Brodie. Brodie TV Entertainment produced and created many different television shows including Chris, Up To Date With Brysen Brodie, The Adventures of D&P, Stadium Academy: The Series, and Ice Breakers. Brodie TV Entertainment also owned the television channels Brodie Network, Chris Jr and the international components to the channel Chris Network.


Brodie Group Logo

Brodie TV EntertainmentEdit



In December 2014 there were rumors that Brodie Group was going to re-brand in February 2015. Brysen Brodie, the founder of Brodie Group said the rumors about them re-branding were true. Brodie Group re-branded on February 5, 2015 and became Brodie TV Entertainment. On March 15, 2015 Brodie TV Entertainment was bought by Horsehead Studios, making them go defunct shortly after they re-branded. The fonts used in this logo are the Broadway BT font and the Cambria font.

Vortexx StudiosEdit



Vortexx Studios merged into Horsehead Studios in 2014.

Horsehead StudiosEdit


Horsehead studios

Horsehead Studios merged into Roblox Productions Vancouver/Toronto in January 2017.

Buffalo RecordsEdit


After being acquired from A Holdings by Talestar Investments (which soon became Village Lava), the record label merged into Roblox Productions' music division.

BBB PicturesEdit


BBB Pictures

BBB Pictures was founded on January 27, 1999 as a low-budget film studio. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 1999, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the BBB Pictures logo cels are in good condition. In January 2017, BBB Pictures merged into Roblox Productions Burbank and London.

Vivo Original ProductionEdit


Vivo original production 2005


Vivo original production 2009

Vivo Original Productions was merged into Roblox Productions London in January 2017, after being acquired by Village Lava.

Cartoon GadgetEdit


180px-Cartoon gadget logo 1



266px-292px-Cartoon gadget logo 4
In 1988, Cartoon Gadget was acquired by Columbia Pictures Entertainment.


290px-Cartoon gadget logo 8
In 1996, Cartoon Gadget was sold to Dante Ball Pictures.


288px-318px-Cartoon gadget logo 6


Cartoon Gadget 2013 Logo

In contact with Dante Ball Pictures and Dante Ball Cartoons Inc., Cartoon Gadget gets his first 3D logo in 2003. The logo appears to be completely different, the "Cartoon" word is composed by 7 letters in rainbow colored squares, the "Gadget" word is on a gold color and there's a star right back to the words.

In 2009, A Holdings acquired Cartoon Gadget. In 2016, Cartoon Gadget was acquired by Talestar Investments, which, in turn, became Village Lava. Cartoon Gadget merged into Roblox Productions Los Angeles, Toronto, Osaka and Paris.

New York PicturesEdit


New York Pictures was founded in 1981 as an Canadian division of ITC Entertainment.



New York Pictures was bought out by SEGA in 1999.


New York Pictures was bought out by TBS (Travels Broadcasting Service) in 2001.


New York Pictures was bought out in 2017 by Village Lava and merged into Roblox Productions Toronto shortly afterwards.

J Files GraphicEdit


J-Files Graphics logo (2012)



Embrase CommunicationsEdit



Embrase MediaEdit


Embrase Media was split into two divisions;

  • the video game, software, middleware and hardware research, design, planning and development division, and their offices, which integrated into Roblox Consumer Products offices in Emeryville, Santa Clara Valley, Helsinki, Barcelona, Cardiff, Melbourne, Rellingen, Munich, Tel Aviv, Malmö, Milan, Amsterdam and New York City
  • the content production and talent management division which was merged into Roblox Productions offices in Los Angeles

However, later on:

  • offices in Melbourne and Santa Clara Valley were closed and employees moved to Cardiff,
  • employees in Emeryville and New York City moved to Vancouver,
  • offices in Helsinki, Rellingen, Munich, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Malmö and Milan were merged into the EMEA office in the new Amsterdam office

Blow-Up Milk ProductionsEdit


Blow-Up Milk Productions

In 2016, after Village Lava bid Blow-Up Milk, Blow-Up Milk was merged to Roblox Productions.

Turbo Fold ProductionsEdit


Urbo Fold

In 1990, the company was founded by Riley Spears, Joseph Seavor and Kenneth J. Singer and it produced Alien Pigs. The company headquarters is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.







Turbo Fold Productions merged into Roblox Productions Vancouver in January 2017.

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video Edit

Background Edit

RCA/Columbia Pictures international Video is an branded home video company in 1990.

1990-2001 Edit


2001-2009 Edit

RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video Logo 1983 b

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video is FInally Rebranding To 54325 home video

54325 Home Video Edit

54325 home Video (previously known as RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video) is an home video company founded in 1990.

2009-2012 Edit

54325 home Video

2012-2016 Edit

54325 2012

Following the acquisition by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings, 54325 Home Video was merged to Roblox Productions.

Blue FilmsEdit



Blue Films was founded on May 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Blue Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Green FilmsEdit



Green Films was founded on June 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Green Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Pink FilmsEdit



Pink Films was founded on July 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Pink Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Griffin FilmsEdit


Griffin films logo

In 2016, A Holdings sold Griffin Films to Jack and Dylan Taylor. It merged into Roblox Productions' London offices.

Hamada TelevisionEdit


Hamada Television was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Roblox Television (who owns the company itself), Carlton Communications, Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television and Granada plc, who hold the rights to the company's content under Roblox/ITV.

On a sky blue (or lavender) background, the text "Hamada Television" and below it, it says "A Division of Roblox Networks ©Roblox/ITV 1995". And right next to it is a head. People nicknamed the head Tadashi.

Soon in 2004, Roblox Television was renamed to Roblox Networks and Granada/Carlton became ITV plc. ITV plc acquired the light entertainment, factual, drama and game show department of Hamada Television immediately afterwards and integrated to ITV Productions.

In 2005, Hamada Television, now an animation production company, released it's last animated film Over the Fog and renamed itself to Roblox Movies.

United Artists Records (revived)Edit


UARecords 96

In 1996, MGM revived United Artists Records.


UARecords 2001

In 2001, Thorn Emi Media Group bought out 50% of UAR and became a co-owner. However, in 2016, the record company was sold to Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and became Roblox Productions' music production, recording, sales and management operations.

Flash! EntertainmentEdit


Logo:in a computer screen, we see the spot light looking around [kinda like KaBoom! Entertainment] then, it dissvoles the light, causing to blow, then, It creates FlasH! in a ASUS Logo font, and the bomb lits, Then the bomb is about to blow up.

FX/SFX: Good animation made from Atomic Cartoons inc.


Flash! Entertainment merged into Roblox Productions' Paris, Toronto, Seoul and Vancouver offices.

Super Spacetoon Edit

1999-2006 Edit

Super Spacetoon was founded by Spacetoon management team to produce original programming for Spacetoon channels. The offices are located in Dubai, London, New York City and Jakarta.

2006-2015 Edit


It's office in Dubai got closed down in 2015, but was bought by a team of investors who soon formed Crystal Holdings. The Dubai office became Crystal Television Dubai.

Trapezoink Productions Edit

2015-2016, 2017- Edit

Trapezoink Productions

In 2015, Super SpaceToon was renamed Trapezoink Productions, with offices now in London, New York and Jakarta. However, in January 2016, The Trapezoink New York and Trapezoink London offices were closed down.

In October 2016, Trapezoink was acquired by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and became the Indonesian operations of Roblox Productions.

54325 Domestic Animation (first era) Edit

2000-2010 Edit

54325 premium

54325 TF! Domestic AnimationEdit

2010-2013 Edit

54325 domestic Animation

54325 Domestic Animation (second era) Edit

2013-2016 Edit

54325 animation

Teletoon productions Edit

2000-2006 Edit

Teletoon logo

Teletoon Productions, an American company owned by Corus Entertainment, was merged to AnimationGym in 2006.


2000-2013 Edit


It Ended With The Company Roblox Productions In 08th of January of 2013

54325 productions Edit

2013-2016 Edit

54325 prod logo

In 2016, 54325 Productions was bought by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and was merged to Roblox Productions.

54325/seven arts home video Edit

2001-2015 Edit

54325 and seven arts

54325 pictures has originally called 54325/seven arts home video. after the The WB and Seven arts Pictures has has connected to Warner Brothers-Seven Arts.

In 2001, 54325 pictures has launched a TV series called Rilastika and Lyloo.

54325 pictures Edit

2015-2016 Edit

54325 pictures

In 2016, after releasing it's last film Zack the Stickman, the company merged to Roblox Productions.

Jailkid EntertainmentEdit

In 2016, Jailkid Entertainment became Roblox Productions' Vancouver operations.


Nicknames: "Kid In Jail"

Logo: On a paper-white background, there is a child's drawing of a sad kid in jail. The words Jailkid Entertainment (in a Palatino-like font) zoom into the logo from the left.

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: All PowerPoint-style effects.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: None. This logo might just be a little funny!


Nicknames: "Jail Ball"

Logo: On a dark background, a shiny blue ball sits in a jail. When the camera zooms in, the ball starts jumping around the jail cell. A few seconds later, the ball finds a gun to shoot the jail walls, so the ball then escapes jail. After it escapes the jail, the words "Jailkid Entertainment" are on the ball.

FX/SFX: Great CGI.

Music/Sounds: An exciting piano tune, then a whoosh when the ball escapes the jail.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: Minimal to nightmare. The gun, dark background, and the whoosh might scare you. But this is a very cool logo.

Roblox Movies Edit

Roblox Movies was founded in 2005, but didn't release a film until 2006.

2006-2008 Edit

Used in there first four films "Adventure Awaits" "The Godfather" "Disco Party" and "Crossroads"

2008-2011 Edit


2011-2013 Edit


First used on "Be Anything, Build Anything"

2013-2016 Edit

Roblox movies

Roblox Movies merged to it's parent company Roblox Productions in 2016 And Is Back In 10th of January of 2017

2016-2017 Edit

Roblox movies dake

First used on ''The Blox Generation''

Roblox Shorts (First Era) Edit

2005-2012 Edit


Roblox Shorts was founded as a short film division of Roblox Movies, a production arm of Roblox Networks.

It Renamed To R Shorts In 2012

R Shorts Edit

2011 (Roblox Rally); 2012-2016 Edit

Roblox shorts

In Roblox Rally they said the new logo is set to debut in "the summer of 2012" but got pushed backward to October 6th 2012. In 2016, R Shorts merged to Roblox Productions It Was Renamed To O Shorts

O Shorts Edit

2017 Edit

O shorts

GreenCat StudiosEdit

2007-2013 Edit

Logo 6

2013-2014 Edit


2014-2015 Edit


2015-2016 Edit


In 2016, Greencat Studios became Roblox Productions' Los Angeles and Burbank offices.

Scratch U8 ProductionsEdit


Scratch U8 Productions logo

In 2016, Scratch U8 Productions was folded into Roblox Productions.

Roblox DVD Edit

2008-2016 Edit

Roblox DVD

Roblox DVD was founded as a home video division of Roblox Movies. It merged to Roblox Productions in 2016 It Renamed to Roblox Movies DVD

Roblox Movies DVD Edit

2016-2017 Edit


RKO-TBS Ventures Canada Edit

2010-2017 Edit

RKO-TBS Ventures Canada was founded as a joint venture between Canadian TBS and American RKO Holdings. They used to hold channels, such as TBS1 and much more, but the channels were sold when TBS' parent company Crystal Holdings entered bankruptcy in October 2016.

The company's each 50% stakes were sold to Village Lava by RKO Holdings and Crystal Holdings before 2017. Soon, the company became Roblox Productions' Canadian operations, located in Vancouver and Toronto.

Brysen Brodie ProductionsEdit



After Horsehead Studios was acquired by Village Lava, BBP was merged into Roblox Productions' Vancouver and Toronto offices.

DynaBlocks ProductionsEdit

2003-2008 Edit

Dynablocks pproductions

Roblox Productions Inc (first era)Edit

2008-2016 Edit

Roblox productions

Roblox Networks turned Dynablocks Productions into a television production arm of Roblox Networks. Roblox Productions Inc renamed itself to just Roblox Productions, following the acquisition by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings.

Dynamikun ProductionsEdit


Dynamikun Productions Logo 2011

In 2016, Crystal Franks was bought out by Glass Clock Networks, which soon merged into Village Lava. Dynamikun Productions merged into Roblox Productions Los Angeles shortly afterwards.

RKO Television Stations Productions International/Skycat GroupEdit

RKO Television Stations Productions International, located in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and Malaysia, was a production arm of RKO Television Stations Productions. In 2008, it gained offices in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, China, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and San Diego.

The international offices were spun off as a worldwide group of companies, Skycat Group, in January 2009, but was soon bought out by a group of investors in 2014, who then went on to found Crystal Television in 2016. However, Skycat London was excluded from the deal and remained as a part of RKO Television Stations Productions International, until 2009. After that, Skycat London became the main UK operations of RKO Television Stations.

In June 2009, the name was re-tired and, the only remaining, San Diego office became a part of RKO Television Stations Productions.

1992-2009 (RKO)Edit

2009-2015 (Skycat)Edit

Roblox Productions Edit

October - November 2016 Edit


In October 2016, after Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings bought out Roblox Productions, Lava Lamp Entertainment bought out Games Animation (who was the producer and animator for Greeny Michael) and the production and animation team moved from GA to Roblox Productions, who then continued the production of Greeny Michael.

November 2016 - January 2017 Edit


In November 2016, Roblox Productions changed their logo to 2D. In December, Village Lava announced restruction of Roblox Productions and Roblox Consumer Products, which included merging of more companies. The restruction finished in February 2017.

2017 Edit


Bachmann Television GroupEdit



Bachmann Television Group management team was sold at auction to Village Lava and the merger into Roblox Productions was announced. It finalized in February 2017.

A Animation StudiosEdit




A animation studios 2010

In 2016, A Animation Studios was acquired by Jack and Dylan Taylor.

ITC Entertainment (revived)Edit


ITC Eentertainment 2000


ITC entertainment 2004

2009-2017 Edit

ITC Entertainment 2013

The logo is a flashback of the 1968 logo.

ITC merged into Roblox Productions London and Burbank in 2017.

Scratch U8 CommunicationsEdit


Scratch U8 Communications logo

Veepole ProductionsEdit











T |||||||||||||||||||||||| T


Veepole films









A Documentary FilmsEdit






2017 Edit

In late 2016, A Documentary Films was acquired by Nextreme Entertainment. However, it was acquired by Village Lava in Feburary 2017. A Documentary Films became both Roblox Productions London and Roblox Productions' documentary department.

The Ultimate Enterprise StudiosEdit


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1975


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1983

1984-1988, 1988-2007, 2007-2012Edit

Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1984


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1987


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 2010




In 2016, Crystal Franks was bought out by Glass Clock Networks. In 2017, UESstudio merged into Roblox Productions London.

Laserium Sports ManagementEdit


Renaissance Atlantic EntertainmentEdit



5 Ants EntertainmentEdit

February 2012-2017Edit

5 ants

in 2017, 5 Ants was acquired by Village Lava and merged to Roblox Productions Los Angeles office

Roblox Productions Inc (second era)Edit

Roblox Productions was a film, music, television and sports production, distribution, sales, management, syndication and home entertainment division of Village Lava.

They have headquarters in Los Angeles, USA and other offices in Vancouver/Toronto, Canada and London, UK.


The Sydney, London, Mexico City, Dubai and Sao Paulo offices of Mirage World Films were bought out and merged into Roblox Productions in January 2017. In February 2017, GBC Entertainment Europe acquired the Copenhagen office from Roblox Productions, while Laserium-GBC Networks Europe acquired the Paris and Berlin offices. The Paris and Berlin offices were quickly sold and merged into Live International.

Later, Live International bought Roblox Productions' international operations, with San Mateo, New York City and Burbank offices.

BBB Animation Edit


BBB Animation 2000

BBB Animation was founded on January 28, 2000 as a low-budget animated film studio. Like the BBB Pictures logo, this logo has been using traditional cel animation since 1999, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the BBB Animation logo cels are in good condition. 

In 2016, Leopard Holdings acquired BBB Music and BBB Animation from The BBB Group. BBB Animation soon became Cannon Animation.

Cannon AnimationEdit


Leopard DigitalEdit


Oebo Studio 2.0Edit


Cannon Digital StudiosEdit


Oebo Pictures ReleasingEdit

Oebo Pictures InternationalEdit

Leopard AnimationEdit


Leopard Animation 1983 Logo




FinleyLand Animation Studios Edit

2006-2014 Edit

FinleyLand Animation Studios logo 2007

2014-2016 Edit

FinleyLand Animation Studios logo 2014

Topitoomay Animation StudiosEdit


Topitoomay Animation Studios 2014 Logo

Crystal Animation StudiosEdit


Cinar AnimationEdit

Oebo Television AnimationEdit

Badgasarian AnimationEdit

Leopard Animation TelevisionEdit

Badgasarian Television GroupEdit

Cannon Television AnimationEdit


ICHC Television Edit

2005-2016 Edit

Bandicam 2014-02-06 17-23-03-034

In 2016, ICHC Holdings merged to Leopard Holdings and ICHC Television became Cannon Television.

Leopard Pay TelevisionEdit

Leopard Domestic TelevisionEdit

Leopard TelevisionEdit

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World UKEdit

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World InternationalEdit

Oebo Pictures TelevisionEdit

C-Oebo ProductionsEdit

Oebo OriginalsEdit

C-Oebo OriginalsEdit

Oebo Pictures Domestic TelevisionEdit

Cannon TelevisionEdit


Classics By Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The WorldEdit

Leopard ClassicsEdit


Square PicturesEdit

1978-1994, 2016-2017Edit

Square Pictures Logo
In 2016, 2 Ways Cannon Media Group revived Square Pictures as an art house film division.

Leopard International FilmsEdit


Bird Film SalesEdit


Bird Films Sales Logo
It was established by Leopard Holdings and The Cheese Group in 1986 as an international film distribution division. In 2016, The Cheese Group merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group. Bird Film Sales also became an international film production division.

2 Ways FilmsEdit

2 Ways RecordsEdit

The record label's operations were split between Live Entertainment, Eagle Fire Entertainment and Cannon Records.

Cannon Digital MediaEdit


Cannon FilmsEdit


Cannon 2013 Logo

In 2013, Cannon Films was revived by Leopard Holdings. In 2016, Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Bachmann AnimationEdit

Bachmann Home EntertainmentEdit

A Home VideoEdit


A version with it being trampled by giant feet can be seen on some cartoon/kids video releases.

A Home Video 1985

A Home EntertainmentEdit


Another variants of this logo have been seen. The first one has a lowercase "A" in a blue background with the word "A home entertainment" written in a mickey mouse font with 3 drumbeats and a triange ding playing Was seen on multiple VHS releases of caillou gets grounded from 2005 - 2006.

A Home Entertainment 1999


a rare logo only seen on a 2008 DVD release of earth to Luna: the talking pet. The logo is just luna dancing with the normal logo on the bottom.

A Home Entertainment 2006


A Home Entertainment 2010

A DVD Edit


A DVD 2002


A DVD 2006


A DVD 2010

A Blu-ray Disc Edit


A Blu-ray Disc

Bachmann IndependentEdit



Bachmann-Malone TelevisionEdit



Bachmann Malone television

Bachmann TelevisionEdit


Bachmann vision

In 1990s, they acquired Spelling Daytime Television, Torand Productions and Laurel Entertainment, Inc.

Bachmann Television StudiosEdit


Bachmann Television Studios

Live EntertainmentEdit


Live Entertainment was revived by Polar Night Inc in 2017. It launced its management division after acquiring Herrick Entertainment, Spikings Entertainment, Envision Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Entertainment and Leverage Management, allowing Live Entertainment to acquire ownership of films, such as Lone Survivor. 

The Cheese GroupEdit


The Cheese Group
The group was merged to Leopard Holdings.

Bachmann ProductionsEdit

1993–1996, 2000–2006Edit


Action Central FilmsEdit


Action centra

The Bridge Films/ProductionsEdit


The Bridge

The logo is premiered in A Great Story

Cheese ProductionsEdit


Cheese Productions

In 2016, The Cheese Group was merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Get Out Productions!Edit

Planet ProductionsEdit

Eagle MusicEdit

Badgasarian Home VideoEdit

Badgasarian PicturesEdit


Badgasarian GroupEdit

ICHC HoldingsEdit


In 2016, ICHC Holdings was merged to 2 Ways Cannon Media Group and Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Home EntertainmentEdit

Fire RecordsEdit

Oebo Home EntertainmentEdit

Adult PicturesEdit

Adult Pictures became Eagle Fire After Dark in 2016.

Oebo Home Entertainment GroupEdit

Dancing Cat ProductionsEdit

Argosy MediaEdit


Visioner Television StudiosEdit

Visioner EntertainmentEdit

Gamefly Home Entertainment Edit

June 2015-October 2015 Edit

Gamefly Home Entertainment

October 2015-2016 Edit

The Doge Companies Edit

2014-2016 Edit

Doge Companies

The Doge Companies launched in 2014 and it is owned by ICHC. In 2016, ICHC Holdings merged to 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Oebo Productions (first era) Edit

1993-1996 Edit

Production Company Started On March 13 1993

1996-2008 Edit

Oebo Productions-0

In June 1997 Oebo Productions Replace The Oebo Logo For 3 Years

Oebo Studios Edit

2008-2010 Edit

Oebo Studios

On Janurary 31st 2008 Oebo Productions Was Changed For Almost 15 Years

Oebo Productions (second era) Edit

2010-2014 Edit

2014-2016 Edit

In 2016, after Oebo's media assets were acquired by Leopard Holdings, Oebo Productions became Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Oebo MediaEdit

Davis International Edit

1937-1945 Edit

Oebo Television Networks

1945-1967 Edit

Oebo Television Networks-0

1967-1970 Edit

Oebo Television Networks-1

1970-1972 Edit

1972-1975 Edit

1975-1990 Edit

The Volkhausen Family International Edit

1990-1993 Edit

Oebo Television Networks-2

Oebo Volkhausen International Networks Edit

1993-2000 Edit

Oebo Television Family Edit

2000-2007 Edit

2007-2011 Edit

Oebo Television Networks Edit

2011-2016 Edit

The channels themselves were given to Leopard Holdings, while the company itself was merged into Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Baby Oebo Home EntertainmentEdit

Visioner Home EntertainmentEdit

Visioner FilmsEdit

Chipette FilmsEdit

Chipmunks FilmsEdit

Sony Tiger MusicEdit

Tiger EntertainmentEdit

Tiger FilmsEdit

Tiger Columbia FilmsEdit

Tiger Television EntertainmentEdit

Tiger Animation TelevisionEdit

Tiger TelevisionEdit

Tiger Music EntertainmentEdit

Tiger RecordsEdit

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Home EntertainmentEdit

Glass and a Half Full NetworksEdit

Square TelevisionEdit


Topitoomay Movies GroupEdit

Topitoomay Movies Edit

2014-2016 Edit

Topitoomay Movies Logo Dream Logo

Broadway Home EntertainmentEdit








Broadway Home



Broadway FilmsEdit





Square IndustriesEdit

Square RecordsEdit

Square Music VideoEdit

Tiger GroupEdit

Visioner HoldingsEdit


Visioner logo



In 2016, Visioner Holdings was merged to Leopard Holdings.

Dancing Cat ProductionsEdit

HeartBreak Productions Edit

2001-2016 Edit


HeartBreak Films Was Originally called HeartBreak Productions after this Creation.

HeartBreak Films Edit

2016-2017 Edit

HeartBreak films -Version 1-

in 2016, HeartBreak Productions has been Renamed HeartBreak Films.

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World IncEdit

White Flag ProductionsEdit

Early 2015-2017Edit

White Flag Productions
In 2016, Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group. Leopard Holdings was bought out by Crystal Holdings (now Polar Night Inc) in 2016 and WFP was merged into Eagle Fire Entertainment in 2017.

Kislevi03one ProductionsEdit


K031 Productions 1992

This Taken from Susiro's World on Pixni.


K031 Productions 2014

64Line MediaEdit


64Line Media 2014 Logo

Leopard/Cannon Home EntertainmentEdit


Drawing Films Edit

2007-2008 Edit

2009-2014 Edit


2014-2017 Edit

RealMilesify Logo (June 25, 2016, Prototype)

Terwright Records (USA) LimitedEdit


Cannon RecordsEdit

Cheese RecordsEdit


Cheese Records

In 2016, The Cheese Group was merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Polar Night MusicEdit

Thorn Emi Tunes (UK) plcEdit


Thorn Emi RecordsEdit


Thorn emi records 2004

KIVO Television Group RomaniaEdit

Fortner RomaniaEdit

Visioner Holdings LATAM LLCEdit


Eagle Fire EntertainmentEdit


Eagle Fire Entertainment sold its Leopard Home Entertainment brand to FTN Inc, who then merged it to form FTN Home Entertainment. FTN also bought out Eagle Fire After Dark.

John River TelevisionEdit


In 2017, John River Entertainment acquired Panda Television (known for studio shows, quiz and gameshows & music programmes) and the magic show-focused department of Second Star Productions from Objective Media Group.

MIS PartnershipEdit

MIS Partnership was a joint venture between Metropolitan Media Group, Disney Media Distribution, PBS members, CBS Corporation, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System and Fox Entertainment Group.

Leopard Teen Network OriginalsEdit

Tiger Teen Network OriginalsEdit

Cannon Max OriginalsEdit


Nextreme Max ProductionsEdit


Leopard TelevisionEdit

Pop Corn ProductionsEdit

Pop Corn Productions is an UK Comedy Television Production.In 1986,Pop Corn Production was sold to Leopard Television and was folded in Late 1989. It was briefly revived in 2016, but was folded in 2017

1985-late 1989; 2016-2017Edit


Hiscanal Producciones OriginalesEdit

John River Entertainment Pay & Subscription TV DivisionEdit

John River Entertainment Sports DivisionEdit

John River Entertainment Sports FilmsEdit

Topitoomay StudiosEdit


Topitoomay Studios 2012 Logo


Topitoomay Studios 2014 Logo
Topitoomay Studios' operating team and staff members moved to Topitoomay Television, while Topitoomay Studios became an in-name only unit. It now operates Topitoomay Television's headquarters (formerly called the Topitoomay Studios) and manages client-owner communication and arranges studio recording days.

Topitoomay VisionEdit


Topitoomay Vision 2014 Logo

Topitoomay TelevisionEdit


Topitoomay Television 2014 Logo

In October 2016, Topitoomay's channel management division Topitoomay Vision merged to the television distribution, syndication and production company Topitoomay Television to form "a full television division" bearing the latter's name.

Sunrise Road ProductionsEdit


In 2017, John River Group established a long-form factual programming production and new technology incubation unit called Sunrise Road Productions.

Cenozoic ProductionsEdit


Cenozoic Productions was a natural history, museographic and exhibition unit of Metropolitan Media Group.

Oebo Pictures Edit

1993-1998 Edit

1998-2003 Edit

2003-2007 Edit

2007-2010 Edit

2010-2013 Edit

2013-2016 Edit

2016-2017 Edit

Triumph Pictures (revived)Edit

Revived by Ub Iwerks Company

Ub Iwerks PicturesEdit

Triumph AnimationEdit

Ub Iwerks EntertainmentEdit

Ub Iwerks AnimationEdit

Ub Iwerks ToonsEdit

Ub Iwerks TelevisionEdit

Triumph TelevisionEdit

Ub Iwerks Television GroupEdit

Beuren Channel OriginalEdit

Van Beuren Television AnimationEdit

Van Beuren Television StudiosEdit

Van Beuren Television GroupEdit

Van Beuren Animation StudiosEdit

Van Beuren EntertainmentEdit

Van Beuren Family Worldwide IncEdit

Van Beuren PicturesEdit

The Van Beuren CompanyEdit

Toon BeurenEdit

Beuren FamilyEdit

Beuren Junior OriginalEdit

Beuren X OriginalEdit

Beuren Channel Original MoviesEdit

Globo PicturesEdit

Globo Television StudiosEdit

Globo Television GroupEdit

SBC VideoEdit

SBC EntertainmentEdit

SBC PicturesEdit

SBC AnimationEdit

SBC Media, Inc.Edit

SBC Television GroupEdit

BeurenToon StudiosEdit

Town VideoEdit


SEGA AnimationEdit

SEGA Television GroupEdit

Sonic Team PicturesEdit

Grupo BCB de ComunicacaoEdit

BCB FilmsEdit

TOWN HoldingsEdit


In 2015, TOWN Holdings became TOWN Media.

TOWN MediaEdit


Service Games PicturesEdit


SEGA Feature FilmsEdit



SEGA FilmsEdit



SEGA Films' parent company SEGA Holdings Inc got acquired and merged to Laserium Holdings in June 2016.

Service Games FamilyEdit


SEGA FamilyEdit



SEGA PicturesEdit



B2 Original ProductionsEdit


PBS FilmsEdit

PBS Films was founded in 1971 (thought films from 1971 made by the company had an in credit text at the beginning of film) as a joint venture with PBS, Children's Television Workshop, WNET, WNED, WNVC, WQED, KPBS and WGBH.

At first it only had distribution through Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros domestically; along with United Artists and EMI internationally.


Nicknames: The Everyman, The film Reel.

Logo: We see a spinning film reel then the PBS Everyman appears and the words PBS films appears, then the film reel stops spinning.

Variant: On some films the byline: Released Thru Warner Bros. Pictures a Warner Communications Company is seen. Starting in 1976 a byline stating: Released through Columbia Pictures was used the next to the byline was the SunBurst.Also there is a B/W version on non Warner films such as: Golden Sierra (Columbia), Fire and Water, (Paramount), Hollywood Land ( Avco-Embassy theatrical. Though the PG-13 cut is owned by Tri-Star), Sesame Street Magical Alphabet Quest ( Internationally through MGM after buying the film from EMI ),and The Unicorn Prince (United Artists). However Sesame Street Magical Alphabet Quest had the B/W logo since it was distributed by Warner but produced by Toei Animation, CTW, and Gaumont.

SFX/FX: the spinning film reel and the words appearing.

Music and Sounds: A 15 note synth tune.

Music and Sounds Variant: The 2002 DVD of the anime film The Dark Rose has a 10 note piano tune which was from the German release,however the 1999 and 2006 DVD releases of Fire and Water has the second logo with this logo's music..

Availability:Rare, as ether a BBC, MGM, Turner ,Sesame Workshop, 1981 Columbia Torch Lasy,or the 1984 Warner Pictures logo plasters this logo on US prints of films released by the company. however some films such as US prints The Great African Journey have this logo followed by a BBC logo. Although VHS releases of the company's films from 1977 to 1993 have this logo, and some DVD releases from 1996 to early 1997. This logo can also be seen on some films that were co-produced with Paramount, United Artists, and in rare cases Disney, however most of the co-productions with Disney are owned by Disney and omit this logo, however some of the co-productions are owned by Turner and don't omit this logo and even keeps the Disney in credit text.The co-productions with Paramount are owned by Paramount internationally except Japan,Britain,Australia,and New Zealand which in those countries the rights are owned by BBC. Paramount preserves this logo, but in North America the films are owned by Warner Bros., who preserves this and the Paramount. logo. The United Artists co-productions are owned internationally by MGM as of 2015, MGM keeps both logos on international releases. In North America the films are owned by BBC, and they keep both logos on North American releases.The Warner Bros. byline was seen on 1996 flipper DVD of Sesame Street and the Magical Alphabet Quest and Monde Concert '74.

Scare Factor: Low.

1975-1992 (Most countries); 1975-1997 (Japan, USA, France, and Denmark)Edit

Nicknames: The Starry P-head

Logo: On a black background we see the P-Head logo, the logo flashes then 8 stars fly over the logo and then the words PBS Films is seen, then the word Presents is seen.

Variant: Starting in 1979, the byline "A Division of Celluloid Communications" is seen. Depending on the movie, a distributor's logo would be seen below the P-Head, next to the text "Through" and the distributor's name.

  • Romeo and Juliet has the Sunburst below the P-Head
  • BackSkratch has the The Big W and the Warner Byline
  • Great Outdoors: The Outback has a EMI logo bellow it
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Vampire Curse (1987 anime film) has a WB shield under the P-Head
  • and Arctic Mysteries has the 20th Century Fox logo under the P-Head

SFX/FX: The Flashing, The stars flying, and the words appearing.

Music and Sounds: A 12 note Moog Synthesizer fanfare.

Availability: Common, Some companies that released titles from the company include: PBS Home Video, Magnetic Video, and Warner Home look for some releases of films from PBS Films from these companies, for example the 1988 VHS and 2002 DVD release of BackSkratch, the 2004 DVD release of Romeo and Juliet ( the 1975 anime film) have this logo. Magnetic Video Laserdisc releases of PBS Films' Films have no logo, but Magnetic Tapes do.

Scare Factor: Medium.


Nicknames: the PBS text

Logo: It is just the words PBS Pictures presents.

SFX/FX: None.

Variant: in 1984 the The 1984 P-head was added above the logo. In 1985 the text PBS Pictures released thru New Line Cinema was added.

Music and Sounds: The 1st logo fanfare on some films. Though usually Beethoven's Fifth Symphony would be used.

Availability: Rare, This was only seen in Europe and films distributed by New Line so look for older prints of films like Loudness...Stop it!.The 2004 DVD and The 2012 Blu-Ray of The Gates of Troy have this logo.

Scare Factor: Minimal.


Nicknames: The CGI P-Head

Logo: On a background we see a flash, then the P-Head (in the 1984 style) appears and then 8 stars fly over the P-Head, after that the background changes to a Roman,Egyptian, and Greek style background, finally the logo flashes and we see the P-Head on a throne with olive wreathes surrounding the throne and the words

A Public Broadcasting Service Company

under the olive wreathes.

SFX/FX: all the animation in the logo.

Trivia: the logo was designed and animated in 20 days.

Music and Sounds: a 20 note orchestral fanfare that sounds similar to the NOVA theme that was used at the time.

Availability: Common, as MGM Home Video releases of films by the company like Star Night have this logo preserved on all their films and some times plasters previous logos.

Scare factor: None.

Celluloid Reel Pictures CompanyEdit

In 1997 the company was spun off as Celluloid Reel Pictures Company. In 2002, the total 50% of the company was bought by StudioCanal, Toei, Gaumont and BBC Worldwide.

As of 2015, the company produced and released its movies through MGM Home Entertainment/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment internationally and Sony Pictures Worldide Acquisitions/Paramount Home Entertainment domestically. Though most of its former film library are owned by Warner Bros. and Columbia, there are some films owned by StudioCanal.


Nicknames: The Filmreel

Logo: Just a film reel. With the company name.

SFX/FX: None

Music and Sounds: Same as the last logo.

Availability: Common and can be seen on all films from the company, however films like such as Logic and Reason have no logo

Celluloid ReelsEdit

In 2017, StudioCanal, Toei, Gaumont and BBC Worldwide sold their 50% stake to Laserium Holdings. Laserium also acquired the other 50% of the company and Celluloid Reels became a fully-owned production company.


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