Black Dove Productions


By the time of it's merger into Bel Air Entertainment, the company acquired Cinema Plus LP, Gemini Film (Czech Republic), Delta Video (France), SBP Worldwide S.A. (Argentina), Consorzio Italiano Distributori Indipendenti Film, Norstar Releasing, Produzioni Europee Associati, Planet Pictures (Italy), Alcor Films, The Stuffed Dog Company, Lantia Cinema & Audiovisivi, Filmek & Cinematograph A/S, Northern Lights (Norway), Varus Video, Filamyer (Spain), Ognon Pictures, Gateno Films (Peru), Argus Film Produktie, Icelandic Film and Elliniki Kinimatografiki Enosi.

Bel Air Entertainment


Bel Air Entertainment was a production company founded in 1998 by Steve Reuther. It was a joint venture between Warner Bros. and Canal+.


In 2001, Steve Reuther bought out Canal+'s 50% stake in the company and Bel Air spun off as independent. Later, European media conglomerates Kirch Group and Mediaset, along with distributors Svensk Film Industri and Lusomundo invested in theatrical, video and television distribution rights to pre-2000 films over five years for Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, the former Soviet Union, Scandinavia and Portugal.

In 2002, they acquired Black Dove Productions.

In 2005, they bought GoodTimes Entertainment, Luxembourg-based Carousel Picture Company, Zoma Films, Spain-based Araba Films' distribution business, German-based CinePlus Home Entertainment GmbH, FirstFilm GmbH, Allied Funds Management GmbH, Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH, IM Internationalmedia AG and it's subsidiary Intermedia, and Gaylord Films and its France-based subsidiary Pandora.

In 2007, they bought out The Ladd Company, which was also formerly a Warner Bros company, and they merged to form Highway Film Company, operating in Los Angeles and Paris.

Bel Air Distribution


Bel Air Distribution was formed in 2000 to distribute films internationally, starting operations in Russia, Cezch Republic, France, Spain, Iceland, Peru, Netherlands, Argentina, Norway, Italy and Greece. It merged into Highway Film Company in 2007.

Highway Film Company


By 2008, the American companies Ascendant Pictures, Samuels Media, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Mirage Enterprises, NPV Entertainment, Yari Film Group, Entertainment Manufacturing Company, FilmEngine, Virtual Studios, Skylark Productions and Rising Star Pictures, the Romanian distributor Empire, the Argentinan Gativideo, the Spanish SOROlla Films and the German VIP Media Group were acquired by the newly-established Highway Film Company.

In 2012, Highway Film Company acquired Five Drops, Moviemax Movie Group, Ascension Pictures and Cascade Film, which then became the German, Italian, Singapore/Malaysian and Russian production and distribution operations.

In 2013, the staff in the Los Angeles office moved to the new London headquarters to focus more on international distribution of independent films.

In 2015, they bought Enelmar Productions, A.I.E., Cott Productions, Fu Works, Fuqua Films, Shore Z Productions and SC Films International.

In 2017, it was acquired by, and shortly after merged into, Mirum Pictures International.

Cellulose Films Co Ltd


Cellulose Films was established as a Hong Kong-based division of Metro Optimum Films. In 2016, they bought out the Hong Kong operations of Great Warrior Films Co Ltd.

Armada Pictures


Armada Pictures was established as a Pakitsani division of Metro Optimum Films.

Angel Cat Films


Angel Cat Films was established as an Indonesian division of Metro Optimum Films. In January 2017, Angel Cat Films bought out Metro Optimum Films' operations in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.

Northern Star Media


Northern Star Media was established as an Vietnamese division of Metro Optimum Films.

Sunrise International Pictures


In 2016, Metro Optimum Pictures bought out the operations in Argentina, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Lebanon and Montenegro.

Seven Seas Pictures


Seven Seas Pictures was a Tirindad division of Metro Optimum Films.

4th Dimension Film Distribution


4th Dimension Film Distribution was an Urugaian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Heartbeat Pictures


In 2017, Heartbeat Pictures bought out Metro Optimum Films' operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Israel and Peru. In exchange, its operations in Albania, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia and Iceland were sold to Metro Optimum Films.

The Egyptian and Israeli operations were merged into Jaris Sunrise in February 2017.

Santa Maria Productions


Santa Maria Productions was a Chilean division of Metro Optimum Films.

Crystal Clear Film SRL


Crystal Clear Film was a Paraguaian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Jaris Films


Jaris Films was a division of Metro Optimum Films, based in United Arab Emirates.

Noite Films


Noite Films was a Brazilian film production and distribution company owned by Metro Optimum Films.

Fairy Films


Fairy Films was an Ecuadorian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Jaris Sunrise

February-May 2017

In March 2017, Jaris Sunrise bought out the international sales operations & international distribution, remake, television, syndication, sequel, franchise, adaptation, acquisition rights and copyright holdings of the intellectual properties of TF1 International, MarVista Entertainment, Mandalay Pictures, Troma Entertainment, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Toei, Hoyts Distribution, Participant Media, Davis Films/Metropolitan Filmexport, Red Granite Pictures, Alcon Entertainment, New World Pictures, JVC, Taft International Pictures, Spelling Films International, BMG, Jim Henson Company, Carolco, Lucasfilm, Icon Productions, American Zoetrope, October Films, Mosfilm, ITC Entertainment, Goldcrest, SF Studios and Lakeshore Entertainment.

In April 2017, they bought out Sony Pictures Releasing/Home Entertainment's (joint venture and non-JV) operations in Belgium, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures' operations in Austria and Norway; Italia Films and Revolutionary Releasing

Touchstar Films (Japan)


Touchstar Pictures (Japan)


Froxonium Studios


Froxonium Studios was an Australian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Hygo Films


Hygo Films was a film studio division of Laserium Entertainment geared towards theatre and direct-to-video film production and distribution, that acquires, produces and distributes 10–15 low budget, "niche" and genre films each year, along with specialty films such as documentaries, independent and art films.

Mirum World


Mirum World was created as an on-demand label of Mirum World for the video on demand market and streaming services.

Shockshow Pictures


Shockshow Pictures was a Japanese distribution and production company, which covered live action movies and television series from Japan and other Asian markets and obscure horror and exploitation films. It's a subsidiary of Laserium Films Japan, and it distributed through a label of the same name owned by Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment.

Evan Features


Evan Features was a label responsible for Christian oriented films.

RKO Television Stations Productions International/Skycat Group

RKO Television Stations Productions International, located in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and Malaysia, was a production arm of RKO Television Stations Productions. In 2008, it gained offices in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, China, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and San Diego.

The international offices were spun off as a worldwide group of companies, Skycat Group, in January 2009, but was soon bought out by a group of investors in 2014, who then went on to found Crystal Television in 2016. However, Skycat London was excluded from the deal and remained as a part of RKO Television Stations Productions International, until 2009. After that, Skycat London became the main UK operations of RKO Television Stations.

In June 2009, the name was re-tired and, the only remaining, San Diego office became a part of RKO Television Stations Productions.

1992-2009 (RKO)

2009-2015 (Skycat)

HandWorld Pictures



Omar Pictures


Omar Pictures Logo 2014

Silentis Productions

1988 - 1991

1991 - 1993

1993 - 1999

1999 - 2004

2004 - 2010

2010 - 2013

2013 - 2016

Redo Antique Pictures

1948 - 1958

1958 - 1966

1966 - 1978

1978 - 1993

1993 - 2010

2010 - 2016

Elrai Productions

1953 - 1968

1968 - 1972

1972 - 1985

1985 - 1997

1997 - 2003

2003 - 2014

2014 - 2016

Leilah Delattre Films







In October 2016, LD Films became an animation department of Hippo International.

Nado Studios

1991 - 1996

1996 - 1998

1998 - 2005

2005 - 2008

2008 - 2011

2011 - 2014

2014 - 2016

The Hand Channel


The Hand Channel 2014 Logo

Gabriel Castro


Gabriel Castro 2014 Logo Cartoon Network Style

Catalina Almendra


Catalina Almendra 2014 Logo

Renato Castro


Renato Castro 2014 Logo

Señorita Neli


Señorita Neli 2014 Logo MEGA Style

Topitoomay Cartoon


Topitoomay Cartoon Logo 2014

Topitoomay Kids


Topitoomay Kids Logo

Topitoomay Movie Channel


Topitoomay Movie Channel 2014 Logo

Daniela Castro Pictures


Daniela Castro Walt Disney Style Logo 2014

In October 2016, Daniela Castro Pictures became a big part of fiction, documentary, drama and animation departments in Hippo International.

Hippo Flim


Hippo Flim 2014 Dream Logo Wiki Logo

Leopard Networks


Hippo International


King Features

King Features (not to be confused with King Features Entertainment) was, by April 2017, a horror film division of FinleyLand Pictures used to produce and distribute horror films.


King Features





In January 2017, King Features' "Arthouse, Artistic/Foreign, Indie and African-American Films departments" merged into Square Pictures, while Eagle Fire Entertainment acquired all of King Features' thriller/sci-fi library and teams. Bird Films Sales took over its international operations immediately afterwards.

Marble Entertainment

Marble Entertainment was a UK division of Polar Night Inc, and formerly of Bachmann Films.




Marble logo

Filmes Indenpedentes Cristãos



Bachmann Pathé Enterprises

Leopard Pathé Films

Crystal Television France Networks


Crystal Television France


Both the French division and its television network focused subsidiary were established as successors to Skycat Paris.

France Film

France Film was a French division of Crystal Entertainment, and formerly Bachmann Films.


France Film old


France film



Family Television

Family Television was a company who owns FTV One that launched in 1985. 








In 2016, Family Television Inc became Roblox Productions' New York operations.

Groupe France






Polar Night France


Hound Television

Hound Television was originally the ITV franchise holder for South West Ireland from September 11, 1961 to December 31, 1981. It was lost to Bay Blues TV on January 1, 1982. All rights to the logo, idents, and name were then owned by MGM from 1992 to 2004 when a Wizadora producer James Hanna acquired the logo, idents, and name and revived Hound as an independent production company.




Hound TV start broadcasts in colour.



In 2016, Hound Television became the Irish operations of Roblox Productions.

Crystal Television Dubai


It was founded as a successor to Super Spacetoon's production team in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It became Roblox Productions' Dubai office.

Crystal Television Germany


Crystal Television Germany Fiktion & Drama


Crystal Television Germany Factual & Show


When Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings acquired Crystal Television Germany departments focusing on factual programming, drama and fiction, it became the German operations of Roblox Productions.

Slot Machine Entertainment

Slot Machine Entertainment was an in-house sub-division located in Paris, France, which focused on game shows and educational programming. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Crystal Television France Factual & Show


The company was a successor to Skycat Paris' factual & show departments, which, in turn, was a successor to Slot Machine Entertainment.

Mio Group and Mio


481px-MTV Finland.svg

Mio was a television production company in Copenhagen, Denmark, which produced and distributed content for channels in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Åland, Norway and Finland.

The operations were merged to Roblox Productions and Mio's shell company Mio Group was closed down in October 2016.

Question Block Productions

March-October 2016

Question Block Productions Logo

An Felling Artwork, "Question Block Productions (AKA "QBP")" is created in Brazil. In 2016, QBP became Roblox Productions' Brazilian operations.

RKO Television Stations Productions Brazil

RKO Television Stations Productions Brazil, a subsidiary of RTS LA and Hispanic Productions, was located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It represents RKO's extensive TV formats portfolio in Brazil, covering both scripted and non-scripted programming. It also developed original shows for the Brazilian audience. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Skycat Sao Paulo


Crystal Television Latin America


It was acquired by BonageTV, which in turn was acquired by Wondrous Enterprises, in November 2016. However, it was sold to Roblox Productions in January 2017, and Crystal Television Latin America merged into Roblox Productions' Brazilian operations.

at diverti


At Diverti was a distribution company owned by AMG Television (which, in turn, was owned by AMG Networks/AGH), until AGH merged into Village Lava. It merged with AMG Networks to become Roblox Productions Bucharest.

AMG Networks


ACA Academy






ACA-Academy became Roblox Productions Berlin's education department.





Harlech 1970


Harlech 1983


Harlech 1999

Harlech became Roblox Productions Cardiff in 2017.

Live International

Live International was an international production, animation and distribution arm of Live Entertainment, with offices in Los Angeles and New York and additional offices in London, UK and Paris, France.


In 2017, Live International bought Roblox Productions' international operations. Earlier, GBC Entertainment Europe acquired the Copenhagen office from Roblox Productions, while Laserium-GBC Networks Europe acquired the Paris and Berlin offices, but the Laserium-GBC's acquired offices quickly merged into Live International.

They also acquired a bunch of companies in Europe, Americas, Australiasia and Africa.
  • Golden Media Polska and Dragon Head S.C. (Poland)
  • MMC Video Corp's offices in Mexico City and Puerto Rico
  • Off the Fence's offices in Bristol, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Mainz and New York
  • Pannonia Film Studio (Hungary)
  • Future Films Group (UK)
  • A.Film A/S (Denmark, Estonia and Los Angeles)
  • Roadshow Animation's offices in Greece, Latvia, Romania, Burbank and Los Angeles
  • Tidal Films/Magma Productions (Ireland)
  • Nelvana's international offices in Shannon and Paris
  • International theatrical and home entertainment rights to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe's pre-2005 library in UK, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands
  • The pre-1985 library of Atkinson Film-Arts, Crawley Films and Graphic Films
  • BTI Studios offices in Maastricht, Bergen, Brussels, Oradea, Sofia and Budapest
  • Altitude Film Entertainment, Ulysses Filmproduktion
  • Like It Love It Productions Ltd.
  • Factual programming producers Redback Media, Splash Media and Folio
  • Zentropa Entertainment's offices in Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Rome, Eemnes, Warsaw, Glasgow and Oslo
  • Karga Seven Pictures Istanbul
  • Archlight Films' worldwide sales business and its Hong Kong, Toronto and Beverly Hills offices
  • The film and TV libraries of Cambria Productions, Crawfords Australia, Burbank Films Australia, Engine 15 Media Group, LionHeart Filmworks and Sonar Entertainment
  • Revolver Entertainment UK and the CineVox Filmproduktion GmbH assets
  • Blue Parrot Productions and its library (however, only including The Usual Suspects)

Live International announced to open Live Asia shortly afterwards. The Burbank and Puetro Rico offices were merged to form the Miami office later on, while the European offices were merged into the London and Paris offices.

In June 2017, Live International bought the Cardiff (Wales), Burbank, New York City & San Mateo (USA) and Cork (Ireland) offices from Roblox Productions. The Burbank, San Mateo, Miami, Mexico City and Sao Paulo offices were merged into Los Angeles office, while the Cape Town office merged into the Paris office.

In January 2018, Live International merged into Mirum Pictures International.

Vision Plus


In 2017, John River Group acquired Media3.14, Ovideo, K2000, Mediareport Producciones Audiovisuales, MediaSur, Mediapro Exhibitions, Mediapro Brands, Molinaire S.A.U, Local Antenna , Emóvil, Full Zoom, Liquid Media, Get Set, Imagina International Sales, Imagina France, Mediagooool, Mediarena, Mediapro Argentina, Media Base Sports, Mediapro Media, MediaBurst, MediaTravel & Logistics, MediaMovil, Media News and Media News Canary Islands, OmniCam4Sky, Overon, Park Media Audiovisuales SL, Unitecnic Media Solutions, Revolution Broadcast, Mediapro Portugal, WTVision, Xarxa Oberta and Mediapro's rights division.

  • The exhibition and museographic departments were merged into Cenozoic Productions,
  • the post-production, information, audiovisual & events production, transmission, communications & engineering, sports, travel, rights, international sales and distribution departments were sold (and merged) to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe


  • Imagina France (Nimes and Paris) merged to become the Paris office, Imagina US became the Miami office and Mediapro Argentina became Vision Plus Latin America
  • Vision Plus merged its Canary Islands and Portugal offices with the offices across Spain into the Barcelona headquarters.

In August, the Argentina office merged into the Miami office, while the Paris office was merged into Mirage World Films.


Mirum Pictures International

June 2017-present

In 2017, Jaris Sunrise, Touchstar Pictures, Evan Features, recently-acquired Fortissimo Films and Cine@, Ivanhoe Pictures, Froxonium Studios, Shockshow Pictures and Hygo Films announced to merge into an international division of the indie label Mirum Pictures. The same month, they announced to start releasing Disney and Sony-produced films (along with independent films) under the original film distributors' labels.

They also acquired the DVD, Blu-ray, UltraViolet, Flixster, and DVD-manufacturing-on-demand distribution rights of the John River Entertainment film library in North America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France.

In July 2017, Metro Optimum Cinemas Group acquired film distributors and cinemas across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, making Mirum Pictures International one of the largest distributors of independent (and major) films in the world.

The cinema divisions were integrated under Metro Optimum Theaters Group cinemas, while the post-production, management and talent related, rental, financing operations moved to the Laserium Entertainment companies. The film distribution and sales and related operations were integrated under Mirum Pictures International.

They also acquired Rezo Films, Pyramide Distribution, Times Media Group's film division, United International Pictures' operations in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Greece, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and all of Africa (except Francophonic West Africa), Zodiak Entertainment's film distribution operations, Paramount Pictures' Spanish and Portuguese operations, Cinema Management Group, XYZ Films, Vertical Entertainment, Quinta Industries, MGM's Belgian distribution operations, Belga Films' Luxembourg operations, Paramount Pictures Taiwan and Buena Vista International Russia, Forum Cinemas' distribution operations, Focus Media, Consorcio Filmico, NOS' distribution operations outside Portugal and Karo Premiere.

In August 2017, Mirum Pictures International, Canwest Media and Meridian Communications announced a specialty films sub-label Fireworks MCM. However, Meridian Communications and it's owner Canwest Media, shortly after, dropped out of the venture. The venture was renamed and founded as Mirum Fireworks. They also announced a partnership with RLJ Entertainment, where Mirum would distribute RLJ's films theatrically.

That month, Mirum Pictures acquired Broad Green Pictures' stake (which was the 45% not owned by Mirum) in Mister Smith Entertainment and the Danish and Norwegian distribution offices of United International Pictures.

They announced to create merge the output deals with The Weinstein Company, Pantelion Films (Lionsgate & Televisa) and MGM in Poland, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico and Chile. However, the Polish and Hungarian output deals were soon bought by Mirum Pictures International themselves. Soon, the newly-established Fine Line Features (and Legendary Pictures) then transferred the African, South American, Middle Eastern and African distribution rights to Mirum and it's co-distribution partners in the continents affected.

The follwing month, a consortium of distributors followed suit. Warner Bros. Entertainment Australia & New Zealand, Pentalion/Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, Oriental DreamWorks, DHX Media, Globo Filmes, Entertainment One, Sony Pictures and MGM gave away their distribution rights, in New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, China, Philippines and Colombia, to, of course, Mirum Pictures International. The Metro Optimum Films' offices in Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa (along with its Australian distribution rights to Mirum Pictures films) were also acquired that same day.

Between June and September, Mirum Pictures International distributed and financed their first film, Jaded and Confused, produced by Mirage World Films. They acquired worldwide distribution rights (excluding in Sweden, Netherlands and China) to Mirage World's films later that September.

In October, Mirum Pictures International and A24, along with Anarchos Productions announced that they will be working on a film adaptation of Slade House, another novel by David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas). MPI also announced to work on a remake of Gothika with Silver Pictures and Alcon Entertainment.

Also that month, they started the production of new Lars Von Trier film with Modern Times Group, Zentropa, Film Väst, Film4 Productions and the broadcasters Arte, France 3 and Yleisradio.

Later that same month, Mirum Pictures International acquired global rights (outside of film rights in Japan) for the Gamera series, and announced a re-release of all Gamera films outside of Japan theatrically, which will occur somewhere in 2018. They also acquired Alive Films London, theatrical and home entertainment rights to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe's pre-2005 library in Argentina, and Nelvana's former international offices in Tokyo, from John River Group.

Mirum Pictures announced to start the acquisition of Live International and Vision Plus, to be finished before 2018.

In 2018, after Live International and Vision Plus were merged into Mirum Pictures International, the Los Angeles, Miami, New York offices were merged into it's parent company Mirum Pictures, while the television and broadcasting-focused operations were merged into Mirum Pictures' owner Laserium Entertainment.

International co-distribution deals

  • Warner Bros. Pictures International - UK, Australia, Ireland and Germany
    • Tobis Film, Constantin Film, Universum Film and A-Company Filmed Entertainment - Germany
    • Entertainment Film Distributors and Paramount Pictures - UK
    • Roadshow Film Distributors - Australia
  • Rogers Media - Canada
  • Metro Optimum Films - Europe and Russia
    • Pathé, Gaumont, Orange Studio, BAC Films, Metropolitan Filmexport, SND and StudioCanal - France
    • Central Partnership - Russia
    • Falcon - Czech Republic
    • Belga Films, Cineart - Belgium and Netherlands
    • Nordisk Film - Nordic countries
      • United International Pictures and SF Studios - Sweden
      • Scanbox Entertainment - Nordic countries (excluding Finland)
      • Finnkino - Finland
      • Angel Films - Denmark
    • NOS Audiovisuais - Portugal
    • Filmax - Spain
    • Lucky Red - Italy
    • Ascot Elite Entertainment Group - Switzerland
  • RedeTV and RecordTV - Latin America (broadcasting)
  • Fine Line Features & Legendary Pictures - Asia
    • Huayi Brothers and Shaw Bros. Pictures - China
    • Viva Entertainment - Philippines
    • Sahamongkol Film - Thailand
    • Fox Star Studios - India
    • Toei, Kadokawa, Asmik Ace Entertainment, Longride, Toshiba, Laserium Films Japan, Amuse Soft Entertainment and Toho - Japan
    • Globus Max - Israel
    • Golden Village - Singapore
    • PT Omega Film - Indonesia
    • Lotte Entertainment and Huayi Brothers - South Korea
    • Universal Pictures - Taiwan
    • Media Asia Group and Panorama Entertainment - Hong Kong
  • Falcon Films - Lebanon
  • Miramax International, Front Row Filmed Entertainment and BeIN Media Group - Middle East (except Lebanon)
  • Les Films 26 - Francophonic West Africa
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Laserium Game Studios:
The Bleem! Company (also a toy maker) | MPS Labs | Singularity Games | CER Two Interactive | Austin | Sydney | Game Agent | GAC Team | Laserium Game Studios Mobile | Cheltenham | Riverside | Dublin | Moscow | Berlin | Vancouver | Paris | Shanghai | Chicago | Manchester | Tokyo | Halifax | Toronto | Montreal | Amsterdam | London | Bangalore | Hamburg | Annecy
Laserium App Studios:
Kato Labs | AniSpark LLC | Foruma | SafeHome | Tenplaye Smart Toy Company
Laserium Lucky Studios:
Australia | Estonia | Lisbon | Netherlands | Rome | Russia | South Africa | Spain | Sweden

Consoles: Laserium Durango
More coming soon!

Lareco Music Group 2016
Main labels: Lareco Classics | Dot Records | Lareco Amigo | Maverick Records | Lareco Christian Music
Record companies (with sub-labels): Monitor Records | Lareco Minos | Lareco Odeon | Germany | France | Finland | Switzerland | Lareco Music East (Andina, Arabia, Lareco Emirates Music, Japan, China) | Lareco-IVT Music | Canada | Mexico | Lareco Music Group Nashville
Joint ventures: Lareco Emirates Music (with Emirates Group) | Lareco-IVT Music (with Grupo IVT de Comunicação)
Others: Lareco Films | Lareco Music Studios
More coming soon!

Infinity Media 2016
Infinity Media:
Nu Comics (Ducky Comics) | Continuity Comics | TK Comics | Destiny Publications | Paramount Comics14 | The Nickelodeon Magazine/My MTV14 | Nexus/Idol/Sapphire | Laserium Bookstores | WildStorm | Infinity Pocket
Coming soon!

EME Group:
EME | EME Special Vehicles | Kaliu | Kaliu Trucks

Laserium Lifestyle Group:
Restaurants: Chicken Wings | Oren Restaurants | Antonio Burgers
Airlines: Laserium Airlines USA | Atlantic Sun Airlines | Laserium Samoa | Laserium Asia (Singapore, Japan and China) | Laserium Bus Tours | Laserium Cruises | Laserium Airlines Cargo | Laserium Tourism |
Hotels: Laserium Hotels | Laserium Luxury Retreats
Transportation: Laserium Cross-Country Railways | Laserium Buses | Laserium Railways East | LRI America
Store chains: May Superstores | OeboStore | Butterfly Thrift Stores | Secrets (sex toy and lingerie retailer)
Malls: Cherry Hill Mall | Springfield Mall
Health care and pharmaceutical services: Laserium Healthcare
Private labels: Athletic Works (athletic clothing) | Ilo (home appliances) | PlayHappy (children's toys) | OK (food items) | Dreamland (beds) | Better (consumable pharmacy, health and beauty products) | Wooforo (pet food) | First Steps (baby products)
Fashion: Laserium Premium | Laserium Shoes
International stores: Austria | Belgium | Canada | Italy | France | Germany | Spain | the Netherlands | Belgium | Ireland | Denmark | Switzerland | Luxembourg | Sweden | Hungary | Bulgaria | Portugal | Spain | Brazil | Czech Republic | Mexico | Russia | Switzerland | Monaco | Poland | Dominican Republic | Argentina | Uruguay | Chile
Subsdiaries: Apple Entertainment (Greeny Phatom Live)
Others: Laserium Balloon Flights | Laserium Spaceflights | Laserium Underwater Leisures LLC | Laserium Urban Labs | Laserium Playplaces | Laserium Experience Days | Laserium F1 Racing Team | Laserium Casinos | Laserium Commodities Trading | Laserium Logistics | Laserium Consultancy Services | Laserium Musical Instruments | Laserium Optics | Laserium Houses | Quoner Management

The Clowerwood Company (formerly Laserium Consumer Foods Group):
Laserium Powerfoods | Laserium Wines | Shore Organization | Technic Drinks, Inc. (Technic (Technic Heroes)) | Wintamin (Wintamin Orange | Wintamin Grape) | GoPizza | GoCola | Cubby Bear's Restaurants (Cubby Bear's Restaurants Canada | Cubby Bear's Restaurants Brazil | Cubby Bear's Restaurants Japan | Cubby Bear's Restaurants New Zealand) | Jolt Cola/Jolt Energy (Flavours) | Other products...
More coming soon!

Properties formerly owned by Laserium Holdings:
TV1 (spun off during the acquisition of Everything Universal) | Airpink (spun off during the acquisition of Pink International Company) | Halogen HD | Fun (got acquired by SLN! Media Group when Laserium acquired SBC Media) | Vortexx on SEGA (became CBS Extreme in 2009) | SEGA (Sonic Team | SEGA Sports |; spun-off during the acquisition of SEGA Holdings) | MSN-Globo (spun-off as Grupo Globo and MSN's joint venture channel) | MakeVideo (spun-off the viral video hosting website after Laserium merged Ub Iwerks Company to itself) | I+3 Television (sold back to now-ex-co-owner Indra Sistemas) | Atresmedia Events, Atresmedia Advertising, Atresmedia Foundation and Trace Foundation | Cool Metal, Metal and Magical (sold to Lava Lamp Entertainment) | Greenyworld Studios (spun off as independent from Apple Entertainment) | Minecraft Pictures Entertainment (spun off in 2017) | Audio Agent (sold to Lava Lamp Entertainment) | Laserium Sports Management | Most of the Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Carribean operations of Lastecom Group with Afrabcom - A Lastecom Company, Trace Mobile and Lastecom Moldova | Walden Pond Press, Telegael Teoranta, Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Walden Media
More coming soon!

Spadek (50%) | SEGA Television (33%) | KTHQ-TV (50%) | Mutual Film Company (90%) | Adult Swim (Japan) (50%) | Globo Canada (50%) | Metropolitan Media Group (50%) | Laserium-GBC Networks Europe (50%) | Roguetown (25%)
More coming soon!

Acquisitions pending:
Extreme Sports Company | Apple Entertainment (X2 | Races | FootballNet | Fun Music Channel 2 | Kiddieland | Tidal) | Viva, Inc | DR America/SVT America/RTL America/TVNZ America | EA's Pogo Austin studio | 3net Studios | ZoominTV's Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Beijing offices | Premier League Productions, European Tour Productions and Asian Tour Media (from IMG) | A Company Filmed Entertainment & Filmproduktionsgesellschaft | Timex Group | Miller Brewing Company | Alex Brands | The Electronics, Mechatronics and Niche Products divisions of Lagercrantz Group | EUE/Sokolow Entertainment | Aventurine SA | Canada Cycle & Motor Co Ltd. | GoAnimate Network Group | Bento Box Entertainment | Objectarts Studios, Orange Ball Movies, Jet-Blue Productions, Jet-Blue Noggin Films and X Entertainment | Entertainment in Motion | Hat Trick Productions | Headhunter Stores

Proposed companies/joint ventures/assets:
XPZone arcade/entertainment/technology zone/theme parks (a joint venture with Raw Thrills) | HBO Plus (El Kadsre) (a joint venture with El TV Kadsre and Turner Broadcasting System) | A revival of Operation Prime Time with Fox Television Stations, NBCUniversal, CBS, Tribune Broadcasting, Ion Media Networks, Alpha Media and SFM Entertainment | Laserium VR | Zee Laserium Distribution Company Limited | Laserium Studio Facilities | An editorial creative/aggregated content unit of Laserium-GBC Networks Europe | Laserium Model Management | A collegiate sports marketing, television and radio production and broadcasting company | A custom products, music video, compilation and catalogue label | Laserium Live Productions | A content laboratory for digital media and platforms for the digital entertainment industry | Laserium Fish Restaurants (Israel) | A board games company | A mortgage company | A bicycle race event | A skating rink and a carnival | A residential and commercial real estate brokerage and sales firm | A franchise of buffets, caterings, ice cream parlors, steakhouses and bars | A line of coffee drinks | OK Vodka | A joint venture between Metro Optimum Theaters Group, IMAX, AMC Theaters and Dolby | A revival of Terra Film (Germany) | SM&E Studios UK or Laserium Productions UK

Other Properties:
Advertising and outdoor media:
Salovaara + Kukkonen Group (B Content)
Vexner Laboratories (Vexner Cinema) | Libum Labs | Air Labs (Air | Atlas Labs (developers of the Atlas advertising platform) | 365Cal (a calendar and time calculator)) | Nysoni | Industries Agent | Game Agent RPMs | OK Research
The Valhalla Drum Company | TVB-Laserium Ventures China | SM&E Consumer Products | AED Service | SpaceToon Animation College | Spacetoonat stores
More Coming soon!

Failed proposals:
Kirin Suntory (failed) | Possible re-incarnation of Jones Radio Networks and Media Group

Defunct Properties:
Acclaim Studios Los Angeles | Hollywood Stars | Living | Hollywood Movies | Spooky Channel by ToonCity | B Channel 25 Years | TV Mania | B Channel 3D | ITV Television Stations | Everything Universal | Weiss Bros, Spacetoon Kids TV, Spacetoon International FZ, Spacetoon Media Hub, SpaceToon Media Group and SpaceToon TV International | EVB3 (UK) | EVB4 (UK) | Clan Network | EVB3 (USA) | EVB4 (USA) | Critter Communications | Lava Television | Lareco Middle East, Lareco Africa and Lareco Asia | EVB Gulp (UK) | EVB Yoyo (UK) | EVB Network (HD) (UK) | Giallo and Focus channels (of Switchover Media) | Bukidnon Corporation | Bukidnon Sports Channel | Lifestyle Bukidnon | Pink 15| Pink 3 | Pink Soap | Pink Kuvar | Pink Super Kids, Pink Kids | Disney Kids | CBeebies 11, Equator HD, D HD, Gunslingers HD, Rave HD, Discovery Kids HD, Voom HD Networks 3 | Canwest Network | Access-TV | 7 Studios | SBC Foods | SBC Japan | SBC Classics | SBC Games | SBC Gasoline | SBC 1 | SEGA Gasoline | Sega Consumer Foods (SEGA Drinks | SEGA Cola | SEGA Foods | SEGA Soda) | SEGA Video (of | SEGA Network | SEGA Holdings | SEGA Entertainment | JTV Restaurant | Next Level Studios USA | CER2 Choice | CER2 Weather | CER2 Traffic | CER2 Reelz | KCEZ-DT2 | Pre-Toons | Globo Network (became M&E) | Globo Kids (became Lasmax) | Globo Sports | CGlobo | Globo-TMC Ventures France (became Suius M&E International Networks' France & Monaco divisions and TMC-Laserium Ventures France) | Globo Entertainment (merged to Suius M&E International Networks) | Globo Holdings, LLC | TVB-Globo Ventures China | Radio Beuren | Beuren Soda | Beuren Cola | Beuren Ice Cream | Beuren Theaters | Beuren Toys | Beuren Newspaper (merged to Infinity Media | Beuren Cars | Beuren Gasoline | Beuren Schools | Beuren Interactive (Beuren Mobile) | Van Beuren Consumer Foods | Castle Moon Entertainment | Beuren Channel (merged to Suius TV) | Beuren Magic Foam | Vault Beuren | Beurenexx | Ub Iwerks Radio Group (Radio Iwerks) | Ub Iwerks Foods (Ub Iwerks Drinks) | Iwerks Toys | Ub Iwerks Theaters | Iwerks Interactive | Triumph Games | Ub Iwerks Gasoline | Ub Iwerks Toy Shop | Ub Iwerks Company | Seven Television | Six Television | Five Television | Four Television | Three Television | Dot/LTB Entertainment | LTB Productions | Lexington Broadcasting Network | TLC Media | Nysoni Zeta | Movie Agent Home Video | Clementine Motion Pictures | Viacom Newspapers | 2 Ways Games New York | DBC Games | Eskimo Entertainment | Everything Network France | Levibross Joi | The Laserium Candy Company
More coming soon!

1 Owned under Suius M&E International Networks Europe.
2 Founded as a local counterpart to Suius M&E's channels.
4 Born as a result of merger between Weiss Bros, Spacetoon Kids TV, Spacetoon International FZ, Spacetoon Media Hub, SpaceToon Media Group and SpaceToon TV International
6 Acquired from ITV plc.
7 Owned under Suius M&E International Networks Middle East, Asia and Pacific.
8 Acquired from Keegan Ltd. Originally called the GUARANTEED! Comedy Channel.
9 A joint venture with Polsat and nc+.
13 Co-owned with 21st Century Fox.
14 Co-owned with Viacom.

Laserium 2016


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