NickMusic is a satellite and cable channel in El Kadsre which airs Nickelodeon-related songs. It was launched in May 10, 2018, which replaced City Music TV.

City Music TV



Created by Melissa Kumi (founder of Music FM) and Victor Kaiser (creator of French Fries), it was launched in El Kadsre City on UHF channel 62 on 14th November, 2005. The television station also debuted on ElStar on 1st December, 2006.

City Music TV catered for the alternative demographic which some consider a response to the growing commercialism in other El Kadsre Music channels such as Fly TV and MTV. City Music TV supported niche musical genres as well as alternative rock, indie, old school rap & hip-hop, heavy metal, j-pop, blues, soul, funk, jazz, alt country, punk, hard rock, glam rock, 1980s, house, drum n bass and classic rock.

City Music TV supported El Kadsre music and featured a high degree of unsigned and amateur content, including interviews, music videos and features of unsigned local bands. City Music TV was knownn for its intentionally unprofessional and unpolished style which is a common feature amongst most of their volunteer presenters and crew members. City Music TV would play Music Videos and performances sent in by local bands, thus being a launching ground for talent which would otherwise be ignored by commercial radio.

At last count City Music TV had around 424,000 monthly viewers and around 50 live to air shows, the highest number of live content in El Kadsre. In Novemebr 2016, they kicked off their search for a confident topless news anchor to host their upcoming Marquis Condoms' Naked News Flash show for 3 months. Antastacia Ackerman became the eventual host and completed her 3-month contract with City Music TV and Marquis deciding not to renew the show.






On May 10, 2018, the channel came under the editorial control of Nickelodeon El Kadsre and was rebranded as NickMusic (in concert with the iHeartMedia UEKN digital radio network known as Nick Radio El Kadsre), becoming the last of the City Music TV to have a rebranding. The last music video to be aired on the channel before the rebrand was "Home Again" by Shihad, and the first music video on NickMusic was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Some City Music TV blocks such as Videos We Heart will be maintained, though a plan for the network to have 'guest DJ' slots by younger stars of music and Nickelodeon El Kadsre series never occurred, along with a move of the TeenNick Top 10 outside of repeats.

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