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North America Network 2 is New Channel by NAN. Formally a Short Lived Third Ultra TV Channel. It had some Comedy show from UK, Drama Show from Russia, Horror movies from Every Company (Expect Fox), And had NFL. Like First North America Network. It had rerun from NAN 1. However unlike NAN, It Don't had Littion Block.

2012-2017 (Ultra 3) Edit

UltraTV 3 Logo 2012-2017

This was the First Usage Of the Current Ultra TV 1 & 2 Design. However in 2015 When UltraTV Lost the right to air NFL. NAN Purchased Ultra 3. Final Look for this is Construction (Based on BBC Choice). The Final Episode was "Taking Nemo / Once Upon a Toon". After That Episode came Promo for UltraToons Network. Then The A 10 Second Clip from Digimon Tamer Where Digital monsters tries to evolve then It TV Static to Famous Shower Clip from Movie Psycho. then It flashes to Next Logo. 1 state named Georiga Pulled the Plug on Ultra 3. while other named Texas keep Ultra 3 in autopilot mode to this day.

2017-present (North America Network 2) Edit

North America Network 2

The Look for this Had Some Bizzare look (It very similar to the same idents and techniques used by MTV in the 1980s through the early 2000s,VH1 in the early 2000s to mid-2000s, and TBS Current Idents).

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