Rede NBS de Televisão was launched at February 2nd, 2013, replacing Rede Megahertz de Televisão. The logo resembles the NBC peacock.


NBS Jun2013

In June 2013, during the Spectacular, NBS updated its logo.

2014 Edit

LOGO DDDNBS 2014 collors

In May 2014, during the Stay Connected, NBS presents its new logo. The most significant change was the adoption of the flat, the adjustment of the base of the brand, and the interior of the brand.

2014-present Edit

0deafa 6e6bdb65fa14473482521ce2e47adb59

In September 2016, the brand gains a new 3D effects, rescuing the colors of the mark of June 2013 maintaining the format of 2014.

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