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The Mad Channel (prelaunch) Edit

1985-1988 (Pre-launch) Edit


This logo was only seen on pre-launch ads to cable providers and on print. This was never intended to be a permanent logo, and a logo contest was held at the Kemper Arena.

Mad Channel (First era) Edit

1988-1997 (worldwide), 2009-2017 (Sweden and Italy only) Edit


This logo was the first to be used on the channel. The channel launched in 1988 to only a few cable providers. It was designed by Novocom. After the end of its run, this was still used on test cards until they were converted to widescreen in 1998. This logo was bought back in 2009 for Sweden and Italy.

1997-2002 (worldwide), 2006-2017 (Israel and Hungary only) Edit


In 1997, Mad Channel became a basic cable network. As a result, a new logo was needed. This logo was designed by Lambie Nairn. This logo was used on the channel until 2002, and on DVDs until 2008. This logo was bought back in 2006 for the Israel and Hungary versions.

Mad Edit

2002-2004 (Worldwide), 2008-2017 (Austrailia only) Edit


In 2002, a new logo was made by Ghostway. This logo proved to be annoying, as many fans didn't understand why "channel" wasn't there. In 2003, "channel" was added back by popular demand. This logo continued to be on MadText until that service was shut down in 2012. (MadText's replacement was Mad Channel NightView, a digital teletext service airing from 10pm to 6am every night) This was bought back in 2008 in Austrailia, due to its popularity there.

Mad Channel (second era, Worldwide only) Edit

2004-2009 (most countries), 2004-2017 (UK and Ireland) Edit


The previous logo was still unpopular, and in 2004, a new logo was made by Wolff Ollins.

The MC Edit

2005-2017 (France), 2009-2017 (USA) Edit


In 2005, the french version got rid of the "Mad Channel" name and rebranded as the MC. In 2009, the USA joined in. This logo was designed by Lambie Nairn.

Mad Channel (Third era, Worldwide only) Edit

2008-2017 (Canada and Philippines only) Edit


In 2008, Canada and the Philippines switched to this logo, revisiting a rejected concept for a logo.

2009-2017 (International only) Edit


In 2009, all other countries except for the UK and Ireland switched to this logo.

Nickelodeon Toons Network Edit


Nickelodeon Toons Network




GreenCat Network Edit


Greencat Network

Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings will shutdown GreenCat Network (along with CBJ1) for 10MTV 2












Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings announce the shutdown of CBJ1 (along with GreenCat Network) to replaced by 10MTV 2










Toon MalachiEdit

1998-2004 Edit

Toon Malachi 1999-2004

2001-2004 Edit

Toon Malachi 2001-2004

2004-2005 Edit

Toon Malachi 2004-2005

2005-2011 (shutdown 2011)Edit

Toon Malachi 2003-2014

2015-2017 (relaunch) Edit

Toon Malachi (2014-2016 Worldwide) (USA 2015-present) (Latin America 2013-2015)

In 2016, after Village Lava merged with A Ben's Company, Village Lava announce to merge Toon Malachi with GreenCat Network, Mad Channel, TBS1 and CBJ1 to 10MTV 2 but Toon Malachi still on air in International.

ATV (Australia)Edit


200px-ATV Logo 1958.svg

In 1982, ATV closed in the UK and moved all operations to Australia. They're owned by Mad holdings.


Add the missing former logo!


Add the missing former logo!


Add the missing former logo!


Add the missing former logo!


Central (Brazil)Edit



Simcity 10 Edit

2014-2016 Edit

MySims TV Edit

2010-2016 Edit


TSW (Canada)Edit


TSW US 1993

In 1993, TSW closed in the UK and moved all operations to Canada. The name no longer meant anything. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.








TWW (Poland)Edit



In 1968, TWW closed in the UK and moved all operations to Poland. They're located in Warsaw, Poland.





television wales and west



In 2007, a new logo was made. This logo was banned in 2008, (Due to a lawsuit by TVTV) and they reverted to their previous logo for a week before introducing a new logo.




ktuhbodonut2011 NetworkEdit


10MTV 2Edit


10MTV 2 will launch in Japan, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, Canada and United States, after CBJ1, Mad Channel, Toon Malachi, TWW, TSW, TBS1, ATV, SimCity 10, MySims TV, Central and GreenCat Network have shut down on January 1, 2017.

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