MGM/UA Hollywood and AnimationEdit


MGM UA Hollywood and Animation

TNT & Cartoon Network (first era)Edit

1994-1995 (United States), 1993-1999 (International), 1994-1997 (Latin America)Edit

Tnt and cartoon network

It was started in United Kingdom on September 17, 1993. In January 1, 1994, MGM/UA HAA was sold to Turner and it was absorbed to TNT & CN.

1995-2000 (United States), 1999-2000 (International), 1997-2003 (Latin America)Edit

Tnt and cartoon network 1999

In July 1999, TNT was split into two separate channels, TCM for classic movies and TNT for general entertainment. In November 30, 2000, TNT will be changed as TCM (Turner Classic Movies).

Turner Classic Movies & Cartoon NetworkEdit

2000-2005 (United States/International), 2004-2007 (Latin America), 2014-2017Edit

Tcm and cartoon network 2000

In December 1, 2000, it was changed to TCM. In 2004, It was used when this channel transferring froma dual chanel to a cartoon and movie channel.

2005-2010 (United States/International), 2007-2010 (Latin America)Edit

TCMandCN 2005

In 2005, some international versions were added their partner TV networks in black square and became an main logo. On that year, Viacom (including Nickelodeon and MTV) and CBS (including Showtime) acquires both 50% stake of this channel.



It was changed since June 1, 2010. The logo featured a "eyes on screen" in the logo, and was similar in resemblance to the 1988-1997 logo used by The Movie Channel, 1981-1990 logo used by Showtime and 1987-1990 logo used by FR3; sometimes the eyes in the logo would blink in some network promos.

2014-2015, 2014-2017 (selected countries)Edit

Tcm and cartoon network 2014

On January 1, 2014, TCM and CN revives the 2000 logo with the TCM US 2013 and CN 2012 checkerboard logo.

TNT and Cartoon Network (second era)Edit

2015 (prelaunch)Edit


It was used in Romania, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Yinyangia and Canada only.


2015-2017 (selected coutries)Edit



T&C egg logo

Another new corporate look come in May 1, 2017, and it was once again implemented in this channel when TNT and TCM brand was merged to T&C.

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