TV Six is a sister channel to TV3 launched in 1983, owned by TV3 Limited (this channel is not confused with the El Kadsreian channel of the same name).

TV6 Edit

1983-1988 Edit

TV6 Alexonia 1983

Alfa TV Edit

1988-1995 Edit

Alfa TV 1988

Channel 6 Edit

1995-2002 Edit

TV6 Alexonia 1996

2002-2006 Edit

TV6 Alexonia 2002
TV6 Alexonia 2002 3D Variant

3D variant

2006-2012 Edit

TV6 Alexonia 2006

2012-2017 Edit

TV6 Alexonia 2012

TV Six Edit

2017-present Edit

TV6 Alexonia 2017

See also:Edit

TV Six (Alexonia)/Others

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