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Taco shell 1989


1994 taco shell


Taco shell


Taco Shell Logo
In 2017, Taco Shell was acquired by Swirl Lines Inc.
QWE Holdings
Parent company:The Foopiian Government

Subsidiaries :

Swirl Lines Inc.:
Qwert Pop | Ontonasan | Bird Express | Taco Shell
The Gabrielpika Plaza
RodoLonmo Worldwide Plc:
RodoLonmo | Lonmo | Rodo | 24-seven | Maxtore | Shellyo | BullGas | Down Lonmo
Foopiia Cinemas International:
Foopiia Cinemas Benelux | Foopiia Cinemas Italy | Foopiia Cinemas | TCI | Broadway Theatres | Indie | Polygon Theatres | Galaxy Media Theatres | Media Cinemas | International Artists

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