Trixmon (Trix Monsters) is an El Kadsreian media franchise and series of video games and animated series created by Seymour Games, Seymour Entertainment, and Harpoon Entertainment in 1992, the first video game launched in 1992 for Theorysonic Blue King, Nitrome Handtrome, and Game Boy. It is one of the most successful Seymour Games franchises.

Main logosEdit


Trixmon logo 1995


Trixmon logo 2008

Series logosEdit

Trixmon (1993)Edit

Trixmon logo 1995

Same as 1992 main logo.

Trixmon Two (1996)Edit

Trixmon Two 1996

Trixmon 3 (2000)Edit

Trixmon 4 (2003)Edit

Trixmon 4 DS (2005)Edit

Trixmon Aura Island (2005)Edit

Trixmon S (2008)Edit

Trixmon S Island (2009)Edit

Trixmon S 2 (2011)Edit

Trixmon S Island 2 (2014)Edit

Trixmon Z (2015)Edit

Trixmon Z Island (2017)Edit

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