The first cable affiliation with the sister affiliation to WGB.




GBC Holdings, LLC
GBC Entertainment:

Film & television production companies: GBC Films | GBC Independent Pictures | GBC Home Entertainment | GBC Television Studios | GBC Television Animation | GBC Entertainment UK (Thorn Emi Studios) | Six Productions | GBC Entertainment Europe (Crater Films (Netherlands) | Colombia | Malaysia) | GSP Entertainment1 | GBC 619 Productions | Crystal Television India (Mumbai) | Danger Pass Studios

GBC Television Group:
GBC Network | Teleclassic | Woman TV | SCET | WGB Cable Network | SportChannel (SportChannel Japan) | Y+ | Esquire Network Docs | Esquire Food | Esquire Network Two | Roguetown | Scratch U8 Network | GBC Kids | GBC Music | Six
GBC Television Stations:
Globalshi One | MBC | Globalshi Two | Gloob

GBC Digital Media: Cliptime
Video Games: GBC Games | GBC Games Sports
Video game consoles: TBA

Others: DBC Hotels | Laserium-GBC Networks | GBC Technology | GBC Design (15%) | Metropolitan Media Group (50%) | Laserium-GBC Networks Europe (50%)

Defunct: CBJ Sport | DBC Sports | Scratch U8 Kids/Kids Network | YTV on Scratch U8 Network | Ybox (consoles) | Esquire 3/4/Horror/Disney/Edge/Plus/Kids/Education

1 Co-owned with Sony Pictures Television.

GBC Holdings
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