YSR Network Prototype Channels Edit

CBBC Disney Edit

2013-2014 Edit


YSR Network was originally planned as CBBC Disney in Early 2013 planned to be launched in August 2013! He wished it to be a real channel, but all it had is nothing!

MarioHenry123 Edit

2014 Edit


This logo was made on YSR Network's Old HP Laptop! (2011-2014) But it was deleted but can be still found on Scratch!

There is also a text that says it in Joystix font! Only made in Disney's Pixel'd for iOS!

Nintendo Entertainment Edit

2014 Edit

This never had a logo due to avoid confusion with Nintendo!

YSR NetworkEdit

October-November 2014Edit


November 9, 2014-presentEdit

YSR Network
YSR Network HD 2017 Logo

YSR Network HD (2017-present)

YSR Network (The Loud House Version)

This logo was only used in marathons of The Loud House, and programmed by Nickelodeon! Only used on YSR Network USA! (2017-present)

May 2017-present Edit

YSR Network 2017
YSR Network

Alternative Variant ("YSR" in a Different PBS font)

The letters "YSR" are now crisp and clean! This logo was made on May 10, 2017!

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