Yoshi's Coconut Crackers is a 1993 puzzle game developed by Bullet-Proof Software for Nintendo, Sega and RKO consoles and ported to Sega CD and Genesis by The Code Monkeys. The NES and Game Boy versions were published by Nintendo while the Super NES, Amiga, Macintosh MS-DOS, Sega systems and RKO systems was published by Bullet-Proof Software, the European SNES, Sega systems and RKO systems published by T*HQ Inc., the European computer versions published by Mindscape and the Japanese SNES, RKO, Sega and various Japanese computers was published by Pony Canyon/FCI.

This game predates Rare's It's Mr. Pants by 12 years, a game with a similar idea about puzzles, although both games have different plots. Yoshi's Coconut Crackers became the only Yoshi game for the Sega and RKO systems and Amiga, MS-DOS, Macintosh, the Japan-only FM Towns and the Japan-only NEC PC-9801 computer versions.

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